Exactly exactly just How Expats with Dependent Iqama can put on for Saudi Driving License


Exactly exactly just How Expats with Dependent Iqama can put on for Saudi Driving License

Nice thing about it for ladies in Saudi Arabia that are under their husbands sponsorship, and formerly struggling to register online to use for Saudi license that is driving. There’s been a challenge with therefore called “dependent iqama” holders to use for the driving permit transformation which calls for a separate absher account.

The enhance is the fact that now the spouse (sponsor) can login towards the Saudi License that is driving Portal together with his very own absher account then check out make an application for the license that is foreign for their spouse. The SDLP is in Arabic but below in images are translated step-by-step guide just how to proceed through this period.

MODIFY: SDLP web site has become obtainable in English!

MODIFY September 2018: based on reports from a few reliant ladies around Saudi Arabia, they will have stopped issuing licenses to females on dependent russian-brides site status for the moment. if any formal statement arises we’re going to upgrade right here !

IMPROVE 2019: More schools that are driving license transformation facilities are starting round the nation. Dependents can attempt to sign up for the courses supplied by Driving Schools and throughout that attempt to have the Saudi Driver’s permit, otherwise this indicates the ban regarding the dependents to transform their licenses continues to be legitimate.

All of those other actions ways to get Saudi driving permit for dependent iqama holders be sure to follow these actions:

**Please note this relates to ladies registered as their husbands dependents into the Absher system, with legitimate foreign driving license.

Then follow these steps: How to convert foreign license to Saudi license and you will be able to convert an existing, valid driving license from any foreign country to the Saudi one by first creaitng your own Absher account if you are a female expat in Saudi under your employers sponsorship or married to a Saudi. Producing a separate absher account is still extremely hard for the reliant iqama holders, however it’s now feasible to aapply with your husbands absher.

Transforming the permit does not always mean you’ll want to quit or “surrender” your initial, nonetheless it is necessary to provide during the Moroor an individual will be doing the driving test that is short.

To discover what you ought to have finished BEFORE registering at SDLP web web web site you have to stick to the directions with this post: detail by detail Guide How Expats make an application for Saudi Driving License

It is available here: How Saudi and expat women can convert foreign license to Saudi license if you need to follow the guide in Arabic

Here you will find the translated actions how exactly to submit an application for dependents driving permit transformation with husbands Absher account on web site:

Leave grandfather and father name blank if the title doesn’t follow in this way.

After registering on the internet and scheduling appointment at your nearest Moroor workplace the actions are exactly the same like in this guide: just how to make an application for Saudi Driving License. Please read to learn more in regards to the test that is driving things to bring with you to your test.

Suggestion: Should your city’s appointments are scheduled, look at your nearest urban centers and you will apply in almost any of these.

Based on one expat family members they went along to Makkah Moroor while the traffic officer performing the test was in fact really rude and never talked English at all through the test, forcing the girl to fail her test since she would not realize their guidelines. It could be smart to have a Arabic presenter to one to try just in case or need a speaking officer that is english. But this might be only one officer in one single location, others therefore far I’ve heard of are more friendly and helpful, including the ones in Riyadh Rimal branch had been once I went in June. learn about the knowledge right right right here: Getting our Saudi driving licenses

Best of luck every person and please keep feedback regarding the experiences to assist others use and any updates you understand of!

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